Posted: November 7, 2015 in POETRY 2013 -

(inspired while watching a couple of bats chasing each other around the houses one night)

Fluttering across the dusky sky,
Some silhouettes go dancing by.
Around and around each other they chase,
Unknown beings, but so full of grace.

About the rooftops the shadows fly,
Stooping low, then soaring high.
Fascinated I watch them before going to bed,
The tiny creatures swoop above my head.

I watch them flutter out of sight,
As they vanish into the dark of the night.
Over the treetops, houses and flats,
Away they go to roost, a couple of bats.

©2015 A.Dougherty



Image  —  Posted: November 3, 2015 in VISUAL POETRY

Just Can’t Win

Posted: June 5, 2015 in POETRY 2013 -

Sitting in a cosy chair,
Eyes heavy, wanting to close.
Blending with my surroundings,
Tired, Dozing here and there.

Giving up the losing battle,
I take myself off for sleep.
Getting ready, crawling into bed,
Eyes wide open, now wide awake.

©2015 A.Dougherty

The Soundtrack Of My Life

Posted: February 10, 2015 in TANKA POEMS

Music creates a memory,
Feelings, people and places.
I hear a certain song,
Striking emotions from within.

Remembering when it was heard,
The situation and surroundings.
Things around me at the time,
What my mood was like as well.

Music creates a memory,
No matter if its good or bad.
It will always be a part of me,
As the soundtrack of my life.

©2015 A.Dougherty


Posted: October 1, 2014 in POETRY 2013 -

Through almost naked trees,
Sun shines brightly like fire.
Leaves trembling in the cool breeze,
A kaleidoscope  of colours in the sky.

Wind blows hard,
Swaying branches to and fro.
Willing and loosening their occupants,
Dropping them slowly to the floor.

Paths are now littered with,
Blankets of brown, red and yellow.
Creating a portrait of the season,
Autumn leaves are a sign of change.

©2014 A.Dougherty


Posted: August 31, 2014 in POETRY 2013 -

(Actually written on the 15/8/14, and on my mobile phone notes application, another one of those ‘get up in the middle of the night’ written poems, which I have only just remembered as I was looking up something else in my notes. It means one thing to me, but has (to my knowledge) 2 meanings)

My life is empty now you’re gone,
You made me feel so warm and strong.
It’s colder since you’ve gone away,
Things just seem dull, almost grey.

As I await your return,
Waiting for that spark to burn.
Where did you go, I’m longing to see,
The moment the warmth returns to me.

©2014 A.Dougherty