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Posted: August 22, 2013 in POETRY 2013 -

(Written at 2.55am on 20th August 2012)

Lying alone at night in bed,
Several thousand thoughts in my head.
You say you love me, I see no proof,
Are you really telling the truth?

It doesn’t feel like we’re together,
As we see each other, well never.
I make time for you, but you don’t for me,
So this gives me doubts you see.

You’re always there within my heart,
If you don’t feel the same, why did we start?
So maybe let this chapter end,
And allow both of our hearts to mend.

©2013 Allan Dougherty


Posted: August 19, 2013 in HAIKU POEMS

Waves crash against rocks,
Washing up seaweed and shells,
Making crabs homeless.

©2013 Allan Dougherty

Something’s Not Right

Posted: August 19, 2013 in POETRY 2013 -

Something’s not right I can tell,
We don’t talk as much as before.
We hardly see each other,
And you never say you love me no more.

It hasn’t been right for a while,
But neither of us want to admit it.
We just carry on like nothing ‘s wrong,
And we both don’t know why.

Maybe we need to talk it over,
So we know where we both stand.
Rather than carrying on like nothing ‘s wrong,
So we can get our heads straight.

If it is over don’t string me along,
Knowing the words you say to me mean nothing.
Tell me now rather than lie to me,
I’m strong enough to handle the truth.

©2013 Allan Dougherty


Posted: August 18, 2013 in POETRY 2013 -

(It’s amazing what you can write when it is 3.16 on a Sunday morning, I guess this ones mainly about the other, more needy persona)

Yes I can be a diva,
But in a non-musical sense.
I want things my way and now,
Throw a strop if I don’t get my own way.

It’s always about me,
I don’t care if, or how I get things.
It’s all about me me me,
And no one else gets a look in.

The diva in me can also be fun,
Not just a stroppy and selfish person.
But the diva me is a suppressed apparition,
And only appears when I crave attention.

©2013 Allan Dougherty

Summer Heatwave

Posted: August 18, 2013 in HAIKU POEMS

Summer brings the heat,
Making life unbearable.
I pray it will rain

©2013 Allan Dougherty

Night Owl

Posted: August 18, 2013 in HAIKU POEMS

I stay awake late,
Sleep a million miles away,
Bored out of my mind.

©2013 Allan Dougherty