Affairs Of The Heart

Posted: August 15, 2013 in POETRY 2013 -

Can things ever be the same?
We seem to be trapped in a silly game.
A game which never really ends,
And after this you ask if we can be friends.

We knew it would be hard from the start,
Having more than one person to love in our heart.
It just isn’t working it doesn’t seem right,
To get your attention I have to fight.

We both have someone who’s a part of our life,
And when we are apart it cuts like a knife.
If we forget all this now and ways we part,
We can ‘t be friends as it will break my heart.

It wouldn’t be right or seem that real,
As seeing you will remind me of how I feel.
My heart and stomach will drop to the floor,
As I can’t forget all that has gone on before.

So when you ask if we can still be friends,
I say no until my broken heart mends.
And given time it may do,
But until then it’s best to be far away from you.

© 2013 Allan Dougherty


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