An Ode To Us And Love

Posted: August 15, 2013 in POETRY 1992 - 2012

Sometimes when we touch,
I know that it means so much.
And when I lie close to you,
My feelings I know are true.

I’ve known from the very start,
There’s a place for you in my heart.
I want to be close to you,
The one that you turn to.

Believe me when I say,
I love you in every possible way.
No matter how near or how far,
I’ll be your guiding star.

Love can be true,
Love can be strong.
It can last a lifetime,
Love is lifelong.

If you love someone for sure,
Your feelings will be truly pure.
Love and happiness is everywhere,
With a lover it’s a thing you should share.

© 1992 – 1999 Allan Dougherty

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