Posted: August 15, 2013 in POETRY 2013 -

Staring into space I daydream,
Of things as I would like them to be.
I dream that everything is perfect,
And nothing bad ever happens.

I imagine I am healthy,
And that I have my dream job.
I dream that I am accepted,
Regardless of my faults.

I picture life being good,
Where I am always very happy.
That there is no bad or evil,
And everyone is treated the same.

I daydream of a forever summer,
The warm air and the bright sunshine.
The days are long and it gets dark late,
And all the fun that I can have .

Something awakes me from my daydream,
And I warily rub my blurry eyes.
I smile to myself and I remember,
My perfect and happy daydream.

© 2013 Allan Dougherty

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