Posted: August 15, 2013 in POETRY 2013 -

While I sleep I have dreams,
Of a place in which not everything’s as it seems,
People are different to as they are for real,
And there are different emotions that I feel.

Sometimes when I’m tired and longing for bed,
I wait for the dreams that bring happiness or dread.
I prefer the dreams that are happy,
And I can be who I long to be.

Nightmares may come but they aren’t real,
And when they end so does the fear I feel.
I dream myself into a happier place,
And when I wake up there ‘s a smile on my face.

When I go to sleep I’ll have a dream,
And if I remember I wonder what it could mean.
When I wake up I can normally bet,
Most of my dreams I will usually forget.

© 2013 Allan Dougherty


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