Posted: August 15, 2013 in POETRY 1992 - 2012

My love is like the earth,
Everlasting and pure.
My feelings are as deep as a canyon,
Only deeper.

I am human and therefore,
I cannot express my feelings by speech,
Only by my actions.
Which even sometimes I cannot control.

Sometimes I am weak,
Sometimes I am strong.
Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong,
Belong on this earth.

But on a distant planet,
Where love is eternal.
Yes, I feel at ease here.
This is where I want to belong.

If only there was such a planet,
I would be there right now.
Looking down on the earth,
And say I used to live there,

But there isn’t enough love for the whole population.
This planet I am on is the world of  love,
And love will never die here!

© 1992 – 1999 Allan Dougherty


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