Only Human

Posted: August 15, 2013 in POETRY 1992 - 2012

Sometimes people make me mad,
Why are some of the things they do so bad?
There are things I wish to know – I  demand,
The problems you have I don’t understand.

There are things you say, I don’t like to hear,
When you call homosexuals bent, faggot or queer.
In the streets we never call you names,
Why do you play these hurtful games?

If you listen to us you’ll  find it’s true,
Us homosexuals have rights too.
We have the right to live, as we want to be,
And be a part of the world you see.

Homophobia is everywhere,
You think we don’t mind it, or even care.
But you are not aware of this but we do,
It is us you hurt when you treat us like you do.

But if we got together,
Everyone in the land.
Maybe you will understand ,
We want to be as equal as you.

© 1992 – 1999 Allan Dougherty

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