Posted: August 15, 2013 in POETRY 2013 -

I walk along the warm sandy beach,
The dry sand getting between my toes.
Nearing the shallow salty sea,
I feel my feet sinking in the wet sand.

Ever closer to the sea I go,
The water getting colder and clearer.
I walk deeper until it covers my knees,
And the gentle waves splash around me.

After a while I have had enough,
So I wade back to the sandy beach.
I dry myself off and put on my shoes,
And make my way up the beach to the town.

Walking the town I visit some arcades,
I play a few machines in each.
Soon I grow hungry and find a chip shop,
And eat my chips along the sea front.

It is getting late and time to go,
So I make my way back home.
While all the time on my journey,
I think of the great day I have had.

© 2013 Allan Dougherty


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