The Chase

Posted: August 15, 2013 in POETRY 1992 - 2012

I was walking down the road one day,
When I heard a voice shout out  “oi Gay”.
I looked around then up at the sun,
I couldn’t think of what to do, except for run.

I ran and I ran, and then stopped dead still,
I had come to the foot of an enormous hill.
And then the voice shouted again,
There was a flash of lightning, followed by rain.

Soon the voice was nearer,
Then I could make out a blurred face.
Soon I began to run again,
And soon begun the chase.

When I got further away,
The voice bellowed, “I’ll get you another day”.
So I stopped running and walked alone,
Back to the comfort  and safety of my own home.
I get home and my troubles fade away,
That is until  it happens again another day.

© 1992 – 1999 Allan Dougherty


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