Runswick Bay

Posted: February 8, 2014 in FRIENDS POETRY

Its signature stands starkly
against the faded sky,
graceful mounds descending
step – like to the sea.
Rocks have tumbled and hurled
their way to sand
red and black and grey,
discarded, though their colour
pleases an artist’s eye .
Oily  black is tossed and bruised
by rushing tide
splintering into eons
to give up the mystery
of resurrected life
Puddled pools run ceaselessly
to source,
their secrets invisible to eyes
All around
green life, confused by seasons,
weaves its way like
skeins of wool to knit
a carpet at our feet of riches
embroidered with silver.

We pick our way through pathways
as carefully as
we pick our way through feelings,
navigating cautiously,
lest we fall.


©Sue Percival

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