About Me

Hi my name is Allan. I have been writing since I can remember, and my earliest memories are writing while in junior school about age 10 (although non of these poems have survived which is a shame). Most of the poetry I have here has been written from about age 14 up til now aged 35.

I do not just write poetry though, I have a fully finished script that I started in 1999 (based kind of on real life events and things I wished I’d done), and finally finished in 2001. I have also written a supernatural story which I started and finished in 2011.  Currently I am making plans to do a sequel to the script that I finished in 2001, as I think now I have more material I can add, as I have had a few more experiences and so on.

And in October 2017 I discovered acrylic paint, and have been doing paintings and have done various pieces since then

Here however, you will only find my collection of poetry, artwork and other musings of the way that I see things, as the story and script are far to long to share.

But i hope that you enjoy my poetry / art and will leave me any feedback if you feel you would like to 🙂

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