About Me

Hi my name is Allan. I have been writing since I can remember, and my earliest memories are writing while in junior school about age 10 (although non of these poems have survived which is a shame). Most of the poetry I have here has been written from about age 14 up til now aged 35.

I do not just write poetry though, I have a fully finished script that I started in 1999 (based kind of on real life events and things I wished I’d done), and finally finished in 2001. I have also written a supernatural story which I started and finished in 2011.  Currently I am making plans to do a sequel to the script that I finished in 2001, as I think now I have more material I can add, as I have had a few more experiences and so on.

Here however, you will only find my collection of poetry and other musings of the way that I see things, as the story and script are far to long to share.

But i hope that you enjoy my poetry and will leave me any feedback if you feel you would like to 🙂


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