Posted: May 3, 2014 in POETRY 2013 -

(A poem dedicated to our new puppy Amber who we got aged 8 weeks on May 1st 2014, and based on first impressions)

Her little feet,
And tiny toes,
The wetness of,
A jet black nose.

Ears which flap,
From side to side,
Eyes so beautiful,
Alert and wide.

Teeth like needles,
Sharp bit small,
Tail wags happily,
As you follow us all.

Running or climbing,
She will often clamber,
There’s loads to discover,
About our pup Amber.

©2014 A.Dougherty


Finally Here

Posted: March 18, 2014 in POETRY 2013 -

Vibrant colours all around,
Birds singing up in a tree.
Tasting crisp air abound,
Feeling warmth around me.
The scent of freshly cut grass,
Spring is definitely here at last.

©2014 A.Dougherty


Posted: March 17, 2014 in FRIENDS POETRY

It’s so confusing,
When its head ruling heart.
Butterflies taking over,
Where does fantasy end and reality start?

You feel so alone,
Your thoughts cloudy so unclear.
Not knowing what to do for the best,
As it’s the answers you fear.

©2014 T. Hunter

Into The Unknown

Posted: March 12, 2014 in POETRY 2013 -

He waited on the platform,
As a train arrived in the station.
Patiently pacing up and down,
Waiting for me to turn up.

Train arrives slightly late,
People clambering off.
Through a sea of bodies,
He searches for me.

Finally he sees me,
Quickening his step to reach me.
Soon we are standing together,
On a deserted concrete floor.

He pulls me close to hug me,
His gaze meeting mine,
Later on he grabs my hand,
And we head into the unknown.

©2014 A. Dougherty

South Shields

Posted: March 9, 2014 in POETRY 2013 -

The golden dunes,
Sand beneath my feet.
A carpet of yellow,
Sinking below as I walk.

Seagulls soaring above,
Like majestic kites.
Their cries growing louder,
Sirens of the day lit sky.

Waves crash against rocks,
Creating pools in caverns.
Washing up sea life,
And re-homing them within.

Paddling in the tepid sea,
Water feeling like rain as I splash about.
Sunbathing on the warm beach,
Sand getting into nooks and crannies.

Not having a care in the world,
As I remember this serene day.

©2014 A. Dougherty


Posted: March 5, 2014 in POETRY 2013 -

Another year older,
Cards to display.
Being spoiled rotten,
On this special day.

An excuse for having fun,
It being all about you.
Maybe a party and presents,
A good time in what you’re going to do.

Some choose not to celebrate,
It’s probably the way.
They keep the occasion so quiet,
And like forgetting their birthday.

©2014 A. Dougherty