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Posted: September 26, 2013 in POETRY 2013 -

I had a dream of you last night,
You were in a house calling to me.
As I get closer I hear you whisper.
Whispering for me to follow you.

I follow you through echoey halls,
You lead me into darkened rooms.
I feel as though I am catching you up,
But you move and seem further away.

I feel lost and alone as I search,
I look in the darkened rooms for you.
But to my sadness I find nothing,
Nothing but memories we have shared .

I search for you more and find you,
Sitting at the bottom of an old staircase.
You hear me behind you and  turn around,
As you see me you move up the stairs.

Finally we meet at the top of the stairs,
We embrace each other so tightly.
You look into my sad and weary eyes,
And whisper that you still love me.

You say  ‘let’s never fall out again ‘,
As we hug and kiss tenderly once more.

©2013 A. Dougherty