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Posted: March 17, 2014 in FRIENDS POETRY

It’s so confusing,
When its head ruling heart.
Butterflies taking over,
Where does fantasy end and reality start?

You feel so alone,
Your thoughts cloudy so unclear.
Not knowing what to do for the best,
As it’s the answers you fear.

©2014 T. Hunter


Posted: February 18, 2014 in FRIENDS POETRY

No sun, no warmth,
Just clouds of grey.
People pass by,
Not knowing what to say.

My chest is numb,
So cold to touch.
Saying goodbye hurt,
As I loved you so much.


©2014 T. Hunter


Posted: February 18, 2014 in FRIENDS POETRY

The water droplets fell all around ,
The gutter was like a small stream .
The droplets fell over the edge to the ground ,
Running quickly in currents reflecting a beam.


©2014 T. Hunter

The Dog

Posted: February 18, 2014 in FRIENDS POETRY

A collective Kennings poem

Tail – Wagging
Furry – Barking
Happy  –  Bouncing
Warm  – Fluffy
Four – Cornered
Triangle – Ears
Loyal –  Friend


©2014 M. Jones, T. Hunter, A. Dougherty, D.S Hop & S. Percival


Posted: February 9, 2014 in FRIENDS POETRY

What about love?
What about pain?
What have you done?
‘Cos I’m not the same.
If it’s not me,
If it’s not you,
Then who takes the blame
For all this pain???

It could be the world,
It could be my friends.
But all I can say,
Is, my life will end …

Suffering builds up inside,
The world looks black from my eyes,
The numbing starts, when I fall apart.

Being ignored is such a crime,
I feel alone all of the time.
This pain of living hurts inside,
It’s getting so hard for me to hide.

There’s a time for living,
There’s a time for death,
How can you live without your breath?
Suicidal is all I feel,
To end this suffering that is so unreal.

Why did god put me on this earth?
Have I not suffered enough?
To be his joke, for him to laugh,
When all the time I screw things up.

Why god? Why?
If living gives me depression,
Then why do you keep me alive ?
Have I not suffered enough?
I am nobody, I am nothing,
I am the one everyone laughs at.
And I still don’t understand,
Why I am here?

Life is not worth living
When you’re a clown like me.
I am useless, a disappointment.
God can ‘t you see?

Life is a chore, full of fear,
I just want it all to end.
And my life to disappear.

©2012 S. Dodds


Posted: February 9, 2014 in FRIENDS POETRY

My scars are new,
But they never bleed,
But consciously they are there.
From my mistakes I make in life,
In my brain like a knife they always tear.
It is you who does this to me,
With or without you I am nothing.

©2014 S. Dodds